Replace the Garage Door Springs

Learning about how to replace the broken garage door spring is as important as taking care of the while garage door. The spring used on the garage door is not as big as the garage door opener but it is quite an important part that is used in the smooth opening and closing operations of the garage door. Garage door spring replacement is not the right job for unskilled individuals; best garage door torsion spring replacement project should be handled by trained and qualified garage door experts.

Garage door torsion springs are found at the upper portion of the opening of the garage door. There are two types of springs which are known as torsion springs and extension springs. The torsion springs are mounted on a shaft metal rod. The shaft is positioned right at the top of the garage door that is parallel to the top side of the frame of the garage door. On the other side, the extension springs are mounted on the sides of the garage door. There are long, twisted, and heavy springs that are mounted at each side of the upper sides of the tracks. These springs are tensioned for smooth lifting and lowering operations. When the garage door is in its closing position, they perform the same function as the torsion springs do by using a pulley.

The right way to replace the garage door torsion spring is to replace them in a set. It is always suggested that replace both of them at the same time. Prolonged usage of the torsion springs decreases its overall strength and performance. This is why; it is not recommended that use a new spring with an old spring as it causes the imbalanced movements of a garage door. When one spring busted, you should replace both of them, not just a broken one but also the good ones too.

It is highly suggested that in order to avoid injuries and damages and efficiently replace the garage door springs; it should be accomplished by professional garage door experts. If you have decided to handle it on your own, it must be with high caution. Keep in mind that installation or replacement of garage door torsion springs can be a dangerous task and should not be taken for granted.