How to Conduct the Garage Door Repair Project on Your Own

While fixing a broken or malfunctioned garage door, understanding how it functions is extremely important. Since any type of mechanical or electric equipment has a tendency to malfunction over time. Even a high-quality garage door tends to develop issues with continued use after a few years. Thus garage door needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs to keep it functioning properly. Here is a brief guide that will describe the mechanism of automatic garage doors and the importance of hiring emergency garage door repair services. 

Understanding how garage door functions:

There are two basic parts of a garage door_ one is the garage door itself and the other is the equipment that opens and closes the garage door. Most of the problems that crop up with the system are because either of the two is not functioning correctly. You may experience the issue of a broken garage door spring, malfunctioning garage door opener, or damaged tracks of the garage door.

Garage door repair tips and tricks:

When an overhead garage door goes up, a powerful spring creates tension to support it. Special metal tracks are mounted along the walls and at the ceiling of the garage door to make it run upwards and downwards. If you experience loud creaking sounds while opening and closing or the garage door do not move smoothly, there may be an issue with the hardware of the garage door. Following are some helpful repairing tips:

  • Make sure that the metal tracks of the garage door are in a good working position. These tracks are mounted to the walls through the hinges and rollers. Inspect them carefully to find out the signs of damage like, flats, crimps, and dents on the tracks. If you find any damaged areas, use a hammer and a piece of wood to straighten them out. In case of severe damage, replace the tracks with new ones.
  • Check the alignment of garage door tracks and springs. Both tracks should be aligned and balanced with each other. A garage door will not run smoothly if the tracks are damaged. If you find any discrepancy, just loosen the screws and nuts of the tracks and tap them back to their original position to align them correctly. You would need necessary tools such as, a screwdriver and spanners to adjust the alignment.
  • Make sure that tracks and springs are cleaned and lubricated properly. You should use any good quality lubricant or silicone spray on them every once in a while. The oiling task will help the garage door smooth movements. Furthermore, clean the garage door rollers and tracks using a damp cloth. If they seem rusted, weak, or worn out then replace them immediately. It is really a simple garage door repair task.  
  • Inspect the garage door to find out the damages. There is a possibility that the garage doors may be coming off the tracks and rollers get damaged because they are not sturdy and functional anymore. If you experience that the garage door is in poor working condition then you should replace the entire garage door. In this way, consider buying a new garage door that is more efficient, reliable, and smart.
  • Make sure that nothing is obstructing the path of the garage door. The rollers shutter garage door tends to stick obstructions due to accumulated junk and grease on the pathway. It is suggested to use a flashlight to perform a detailed inspection of a garage door.  Test the garage door to ensure it will lift halfway and then stop.

Caution: Do not attempt any task with the garage door springs on your own. Consult professional garage door experts to fix or replace broken tracks and springs. They hold a great amount of pressure which should be handled carefully. Any garage door part that needs replacement should be managed by professionals. Broken garage door springs can be extremely injurious and dangerous.