Single Serving receives a lot of questions from people all around the world. We are more than happy to know that many of you are curious about our website. Our team also wishes that our response helps to make you understand our service and provide you with better information.  

How can I find your phrase booklets and how can I print them? 

Using your computer, open our website and go the booklet phrase section. Choose the languages you need to print and open it as well. When you do, detailed instructions on the process of printing will be shown. Just follow it step by step. 

Can I print as many modules as I want to? I want to learn not just one so I am wondering if it’s alright. 

Yes, you can print as many modules as you want. It is not bad to crave for more learning so we do allow numerous printings from our website. As long as it helps you gain more knowledge, we are glad to help. 

Where can I find the mp3 audio in this website? I am new to this page and I’m still wondering how to use it well. 

You can find the mp3 audio on the mp3 section. It can be found on the left side of the homepage aligned with the other sections. Click that one that says ‘mp3 files’ and listen to it. If you want a better guide, you can also listen to these audio in the printable phrases section where each phrases are linked to an audio file. You can read and practice that guide while using the mp3 audio as well for better practice. We suggest you use them together for a great guide since they work well but if you want to just listen, you can go to the audio section anytime.