Daniel K. 

I always go to different countries every holiday so I know how much it is a struggle to communicate with other people. I tried so many websites before and none of them worked because there are too many details and things to follow or sometimes you have to start from the scratch to learn everything. When I heard about this page that gives free audio and phrases perfect for traveling, I immediately checked it out. It was really useful and handy since you don’t need to learn everything, you can just learn those phrases you need for a short vacation. 


Ariana G. 

The website is really useful and perfect for a first-time traveler like me. I actually have no idea what to do or say when I fly to a different country for the first time. Because I was so eager to plan everything and make my vacation perfect, I search different things like what I need to bring, where to stay at and everything including the languages and phrases I need to learn. I came across this website after visiting others for a long time. It was really helpful and especially the mp3 audio give because I get to hear and practice the right pronunciation of words. It’s a perfect guide and it helped me a lot when I visited the foreign countries I love the most. 


Esther M. 

The name of the website says it all. They really give a lot of help in just a ‘single serving’. Everything you need to learn like phrases and guides are here and the most interesting thing for me is the booklet I was able to print for my travels. It helped me a lot because it was super easy to use and it really is handy. Thanks to my friend, I found this website that’s perfect for me.