About Us 

Single Serving started a few years ago when a young traveler who loved to visit many places had a hard time coping up with the foreign language in unfamiliar countries. As much as he loved to go to these places and have fun, he couldn’t deny that it was hard to communicate with other people especially when there’s a language barrier. He was still a student and he didn’t realize that it was better to travel when you are prepared especially during his first time. Although he can speak English well, there are still many people who cannot do so especially in places where locals only speak the native language. 

By the time he learned the importance of knowing at least basic phrases of the local language, he started researching for ways to make it easier to learn. He struggled in this quest as he decided to just learn local languages from the scratch. Every time he would plan on traveling or visiting another country, he would study beforehand so he wouldn’t have a hard time talking to other people when he flies to that country.  

When he graduated and finished studying, he decided to create a website that will help a lot of travelers like him from all over the world. He gained a lot of help and support that’s why this website became successful. Single Serving started as a small web page which only posts different phrases and guides until it leveled up and improved so much. Now, the creator was able to make mp3 audios than can be saved and downloaded. He also suggested making a booklet that can be really helpful when we travel. We are now very sure that this website will be a great help to our fellow travelers and that’s all thanks to the founder’s experiences in the past.